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Fiamma Art Glass

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This is an ongoing collection of the work of the owner/operators of Fiamma glass, David Weintraub and Caterina Urrata.  Most of the work pictured here is not for sale (see the "currently for sale" link above to purchase work).  Enjoy, and feel free to leave comments in the guest book on the home page.


Vessels of all kinds

"These images, which I call Vetrographs, are the result of a single flash of light through my own, carefully arranged, blown glass onto photo paper (a process generally called a photogram). Each is unique and can only be reproduced digitally or through second generation photography as no negatives or camera are involved in the process." 



"This series is purely about my passion for glass and trying to refine and share those qualities which I find most interesting, especially as a maker of glass because generally only we get to see it at its most dynamic"

Cold Pour Series